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See You Virtually,
for ASVAC 2022!

Following a major success in 2019, the biennial 8th Asian Vaccine Conference is set to return virtually.

Organised by the Immunisation Partners in Asia Pacific (IPAP), the theme of ASVAC 2022 is ‘IMMUNISATION IN THE ERA OF PANDEMICS’.

ASVAC 2022 aims to provide participants unparalleled insights into the latest research, vaccine developments and treatments in the field of vaccine-preventable diseases and immunisation through its comprehensive scientific programme led by regional vaccinology experts.

Join us for an enriching experience and expert insights on the practice and future of vaccinology. We look forward to welcoming you at ASVAC 2022!

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Download the Programme and Abstract Book

The Programme below is based on IST time (GMT +5.30)
(IST / GMT +5.30)
PRE-CONGRESS: 16 Sept 2022, Friday
ASAP Symposium:
Updates on Pneumococcal Vaccines Development
Chair: Lulu C. Bravo (Philippines)
Zulkifli Ismail (Malaysia)
HPV Workshop
Chair: Kirthini Muralidharan (United States of America)
0800 - 1030 hrs Egemen Ozbilgili (Pfizer)Olakunle Oladehin (GSK)Jin Oh Kim (MSD)Nitin Shah Daniel Chulwoo Rhee (United States of America)Didik Setiawan (Indonesia)Kurnia Eka Wijayanti (Indonesia)
1030 - 1040 hrs Welcome AddressDaniel Goh (Singapore)
1040 - 1100 hrs History & Impact of VaccinationMathu Santhosham (United States of America)
1100 - 1220 hrs Basic Vaccine Immunology
1100 - 1120 hrs How & Why Vaccines Work: Basics of Immune Responses and Mechanisms of VaccinesPhilippe Buchy (Singapore)
1120 - 1140 hrs Fundamentals of Vaccine Clinical DevelopmentAlberta Di Pasquale (Singapore)
1140 - 1200 hrs Importance of Disease Surveillance in Vaccination StrategiesPhilippe Buchy (Singapore)
1200 - 1220 hrs Concept of Cross-Protection and Herd ImmunityJin Oh Kim (South Korea)
1220 - 1230 hrs Break
1230 - 1300 hrs Communications - Addressing Vaccine HesitancyZulkifli Ismail (Malaysia)
1300 - 1500 hrs Vaccination through the Ages - Vaccines in Each Stage of Life
1300 - 1330 hrs Vaccination in InfantsElizabeth Gallardo (Philippines)
1330 - 1400 hrs Vaccination in AdolescentsPramod Jog (India)
1400 - 1430 hrs Vaccination in PregnancySybil Bravo (Philippines)
1430 - 1500 hrs Vaccination in ElderlyJean-Pierre Michel (Switzerland)
1500 - 1530 hrs Clinical ApplicationH.T. Wickramasinghe (Sri Lanka)
Rajiva de Silva (Sri Lanka)
1530 - 1550 hrs Vaccines: What Lies in the Future?Jerome Kim (South Korea)
1550 - 1600 hrs Concluding RemarksDaniel Goh (Singapore)
1600 hrs End of Pre-Congress Programme

The Programme below is based on IST time (GMT +5.30)
(IST / GMT +5.30)
DAY 1: 17 Sept 2022, Saturday
Stream 1Stream 2
0830 - 0840 hrsWelcome AddressLulu C. Bravo (Philippines)
0840 - 0850 hrsIntroduction to ASVAC 2022H.T. Wickramasinghe (Sri Lanka)
0850 - 0900 hrsOpening MessageKeheliya Rambukkwella (Hon. Minister of Health, Sri Lanka)
0900 - 0930 hrs Plenary Lecture 1
Chair: Lulu C. Bravo (Philippines)
Equity and COVIDKim Mulholland (Australia)
0930 - 1045 hrs Symposium 1:
Vaccines through the AgesPartners: International Federation of Aging
Symposium 2:
Respiratory VaccinesPartners: Asia Pacific Alliance for the Control of Influenza (APACI)
Chair: Susie Perera (Sri Lanka) Chair: Neelika Malavige (Sri Lanka)
0930 – 0950 hrs Implementing Life Course Immunisation Schedules: What Needs to be DoneJane Barret (Canada) Flu Vaccine UpdatesPushpa Ranjan Wijesinghe (India)
0950 – 1010 hrs Pregnancy & missed opportunitiesSybil Bravo (Philippines) Pneumococcal Disease PreventionChiu Cheng Hsun (Taiwan)
1010 – 1030 hrs Travel VaccinesPornthep Chanthavanich (Thailand) Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)Lien Anh Ha Do (Australia)
1045 - 1145 hrs Industry Symposia 1: AstraZeneca
COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness: Myths vs RWE. Are Current Vaccines Optimal to Protect the Most Vulnerable?
Industry Symposia 2: GSK
Healthy Aging: Vaccines For Life
Chair: Bruce Mungall (Singapore) Chair: H.T. Wickramasinghe (Sri Lanka)

Expert Global Review of COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness: Booster Doses Versus OmicronAnna Ong-Lim (Philippines)

Third and Fourth Dose Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccines in Chiang Mai, ThailandSuwat Chariyalertsak (Thailand)

The Unmet Need in High-Risk Groups Despite Vaccination: Leaving No- One BehindBarnaby Young (Singapore)

Burden of VPDs in Adults & ElderlyGeorge Kassianos (United Kingdom)

Advancement in Vaccinology: Increasing Vaccine Effectiveness in Adults & ElderlySelim Badur (Turkey)

1145 - 1300 hrs Symposium 3:
COVID Vaccines
Symposium 4:
Communication and Advocacy
Chair: BJC Perera (Sri Lanka) Chair: Dineshani Hettiarachchi (Sri Lanka)

COVID-19 Vaccinations for Children: Following the EvidenceBen Cowling (Hong Kong)

"Special Population Groups” - Cancer Patients on Chemo, Transplant Patients, Dialysis Patients and Patients with Immune DeficiencyNeelika Malavige (Sri Lanka)

Routine Childhood Immunizations During COVIDAnna Ong-Lim (Philippines)

Latest Strategies to Communicate Vaccine SafetyPramod Jog (India)

Communicating Impact of COVID on Childhood ImmunisationLois Privor (United States)

Immunisation Agenda 2030: Geneva Learning FoundationCharlotte Mbuh (Switzerland)

The Ethics of Challenge Studies to Fast Track Vaccine DevelopmentJulian Savulescu (United Kingdom)

1300 - 1330 hrs Plenary Lecture 2
Chair: Tony Nelson (China)
Bats, Viruses and PandemicsLinfa Wang (Singapore)
1330 - 1415 hrs Panel 1:
Pooled Procurement - Lessons Learned during COVID and Future OpportunitiesPartners: National Vaccine Institute, UNICEF
Panel 2:
Vaccine Confidence in the Asia Pacific RegionPartners: APAC Coalition

Chair: Tony Nelson (China)
Chair: Daniel Goh (Singapore)
Lulu C. Bravo (Philippines)

ASEAN Initiatives for Pooled ProcurementNakorn Premsri (Thailand)

UNICEF's Pooled Procurement MechanismAndrew Jones (Denmark)

Zulkifli Ismail (Malaysia)
H.T. Wickramasinghe (Sri Lanka)
Iqbal Ahmad Memon (Pakistan)
Naveen Thacker (India)

1415 - 1515 hrs Industry Symposia 3: Takeda
Takeda Dengue Symposium: Latest Update on Dengue
Industry Symposia 4: Sanofi
Sustaining Immunization for Children in the Current Era
Chair: Puneet Kalra (India) Chair: Anna Ong-Lim (Philippines)

Current Status of Dengue in Sri Lanka and Asian CountriesNeelika Malavige (Sri Lanka)

Clinical Managment of DengueA. LakKumar Fernando (Sri Lanka)

Brief Overview of Takeda Dengue Vaccine (TAK -003) with 4.5 year data resultsVianney Tricou (Switzerland)

Addressing the Challenges of Increasing Immunization Rates with Combination VaccinesFederico Martinon Torres (Spain)

Global Polio Eradication Initiative: Role of wP Combination containing IPV vaccineMouloud Khris (Morocco)

1515 hrsEnd of Day 1 Programme

The Programme below is based on IST time (GMT +5.30)
(IST / GMT +5.30)
DAY 2: 18 Sept 2022, Sunday
Stream 1Stream 2
0900 - 0930 hrs Plenary Lecture 3
Chair: Zulkifli Ismail (Malaysia)
Priority Vaccines for Developing World (Malaria, HIV)Peter Hotez (United States of America)
0930 - 1045 hrs Symposium 5:
Enteric VaccinesPartners: ROTA Council/ PATH/ IVI
Symposium 6:
Unfinished Business
Chair: Shaman Rajindrajith (Sri Lanka) Chair: Jennifer Perera (Sri Lanka)
0930 – 0950 hrs Cholera Vaccine LandscapeJulia Lynch (South Korea) HPV Vaccine Updates: Evidence towards Use of Single DoseDaniel Chulwoo Rhee (United States of America)
0950 – 1010 hrs Typhoid Vaccines: Experience from Early IntroducersAziza Mwisongo (United States of America) Dengue Vaccine UpdatesOoi Eng Eong (Singapore)
1010 – 1030 hrs Current Status Oral Rotavirus VaccinesCarl Kirkwood (United States of America) PolioSomia Iqtadar (Pakistan)
1030 – 1045 hrs Q&A Q&A
1045 - 1145 hrs Industry Symposia 5: MSD
Challenges and Prospects of Pneumococcal Prevention in Adults Within Asia Pacific

Chair: Rontgene Solante (Philippines)
Key Considerations in Pneumococcal Prevention in Adult Population and Future ProspectsPaul Van Buynder (Australia)
Challenges and Prospects of Pneumococcal Prevention in Adults in the Asia Pacific RegionTerapong Tantawichien (Thailand)
1145 - 1155 hrs FREE PAPER SESSION A

Chair: Dilini Nakkawita (Sri Lanka)

Chair: A. H. Hazari (Sri Lanka)
Vaccines in Development: Immunogenicity and Safety of Hexavalent DTwP-IPV-HB-PRP~T Vaccine Compared With Licensed Pentavalent DTwP-HB-PRP~T Vaccine in Healthy Infants In Thailand: A Phase III Randomized StudyLeilani Sanchez (Philippines) Disease-Specific Vaccines: Correlation Between Patient-reported and Clinician-assessed Symptoms and Case Definition to Capture Moderate- to-Severe RSV Disease in Adults Aged ≥65 Years: A Randomized, Placebo-controlled, Phase 2b StudyEsther Heijnen (United States of America)
1155 - 1205 hrs Disease-Specific Vaccines: Effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccine booster doses against Omicron-related serious diseaseRontgene Solante (Philippines) Monitoring and Surveillance: Effectiveness of heterologous 3rd and 4th dose COVID-19 vaccine schedules for SARS-CoV-2 infection during delta and omicron predominance in Thailand.Suwat Chariyalertsak (Thailand)
1205 - 1215 hrs Vaccines in Development: Antibody Persistence After Primary Series With DTwP-IPV-HB-PRP~T Compared With Separate DTwP-HB-PRP~T and IPV Vaccines, and Booster Response to DTwP-IPV-HB-PRP~T in Healthy Toddlers in IndiaSomnath Mangarule (India) Targeted Vaccination Strategies: Literature review on the knowledge, attitude and practice regarding herpes zoster and zoster vaccination in Asia-PacificJing Chen (Singapore)
1215 - 1225 hrs Disease-Specific Vaccines: IgG antibody response among recipients of the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 Vaccine: A single center experience from Sri LankaDhanuka Dhanaratna (Sri Lanka) Evidenced-based Introduction of New Vaccines: Capturing the value of vaccination within health technology assessment and health economics - Literature review and novel conceptual frameworkYu-Fan Ho (Singapore)
1225 - 1235 hrs Disease-Specific Vaccines: Regimen Selection and 1.5-year Immunogenicity Evaluation of Prophylactic Ad26.RSV.preF Vaccine Combinations: A Randomised, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Adaptive Design Phase 1/2a Study in Adults Aged ≥60 YearsArangassery Rosemary Bastian (United States of America) Monitoring and Surveillance: Covid 19 Immunization Tracking in low resource setting using Opensource information systemsGumindu Kulatunga (Sri Lanka)
1235 - 1245 hrs Vaccines in Specific Settings: Evaluation of immunity against hepatitis B virus infection and factors associated with anti-HBs levels among vaccinated haemodialysis patients at two major Nephrology-Units in Sri LankaMohamed Asmir (Sri Lanka) Targeted Vaccination Strategies: The epidemiology and cost of dengue disease in Sri Lanka: a systematic literature reviewJing Shen (Switzerland)
1300 - 1330 hrs Plenary Lecture 4Chair: Dhanushka Dasanayake (Sri Lanka)
The Next Pandemic - Are We Prepared?Paul Anantharajah Tambyah (Singapore)
1330 - 1415 hrs Panel 3:
Meet the Vaccine ExpertsPartners: Philippine Foundation for Vaccines, IPAP, APPA, Immunise for Life (Malaysia)

Chair: Lulu C. Bravo (Philippines)
Rose Capeding (Philippines)
Piprim (Indonesia)
Zulkifli Ismail (Malaysia)
Usa Thisyakorn (Thailand)
1415 - 1445 hrs Closing Plenary LectureChair: Kim Mulholland (Australia)
Vaccines: What Does the Future Hold?Jerome Kim (South Korea)
1445 - 1515 hrsPrize Presentation
IPAP & Organising Chair of ASVAC 2023 Speech
Closing CeremonyLulu C. Bravo (Philippines)

Disclaimer: The Organising Committee may, in its discretion, amend any part of the programme without prior notice.

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