Welcome Address from The President of the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Forum of Sri Lanka (VIDFSL)

The Asia Vaccine Conference, has been an important event in the field of Vaccinology in the Asia-Pacific region. On behalf of the Council of Vaccine and Infectious Disease Forum (VIDFSL) of Sri Lanka, I express my gratitude to the Immunization Partners in Asia-Pacific (IPAP) for selecting Sri Lanka to partner with them for organizing the Asian Vaccine Conference (ASVAC) this year. The VIDFSL is honoured to be associated with this international conference which is in line with the efforts and work of VIDFSL.

Immunization is the core of primary health care in any country and the EPI programme is at the forefront of the effort to reach Universal Health Care with strong focus on reaching vulnerable groups. The task of the EPI programme is to ensure equitable immunization coverage for all. Sri Lanka has continued a very successful immunization program due to the unfailing commitment to excellence and perseverance of the Epidemiology Unit, and the Chief epidemiologists who have headed the Unit with the support of a robust, active epidemiologists network in the country. The established primary health care network with the associated staff has worked tirelessly to achieve this status. Sri Lanka is proud to be requested to organize the EPI managers meeting this year.

The ASVAC offers a comprehensive program comprising of many lectures on diverse vaccine associated topics starting with a pre-congress event, followed by the EPI managers meeting, vaccine master class and 2 days of scientific meeting with a comprehensive coverage of important vaccine related subjects. The faculty consists of prestigious speakers both of international and local arena who have worked tirelessly in the vaccine development, sustainability and the implementation areas.

I wish the proceedings every success.

Dr. Geethani Galagoda
Consultant Virologist and Head of Laboratories of Lanka Hospitals Diagnostics
President / Vaccine and Infectious Disease Forum of Sri Lanka