Programme Overview

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The Programme below is based on PH time (GMT +8:00)

Pre-Conference: 8 November 2023, Wednesday (San Martin 1 to 3)



8:00H - 12:00H

Vaccine thru Global Lens

13:00H - 18:35H

Vaccinology Masterclass

18:35H - 19:20H

Evening Industry Symposium 


Welcome Remarks and Introduction


Addressing the Problem: Current Status of Influenza Disease and Surveillance in Asia Pacific


Tailoring Programs: Designing Immunization Programs for Seasonal Influenza: Is there a Standard?


Best Practice Sharing : Learning from the Regional Partners


Call for Integration : Maximizing  public health programs  with  influenza  vaccination


Speakers: Rontgene Solante, Philippines; Maria Wilda Silva, Philippines; Tan Maw Pin, Malaysia; Alex Richard Cook, Singapore


Final Remarks

19:20H - 21:00H

Welcome Reception

Sta. Maria a & 2 (Exhibition Hall)

The Programme below is based on PH time (GMT +8:00)

Main Conference: 9 November 2023, Thursday (Santa Maria 3)



08:15 - 08:30H

Opening Ceremonies


Parade of Colors (Phil flag, IPAP, PFV, PSMID-CEBU)


Inter-faith Invocation


Philippine National Anthem


Welcome Remarks

by Lulu Bravo


Opening Remarks

by Rontgene Solante


Scientific Program Overview and Formal Declaration of Convention Open

by Mitzi Marie Chua


8:30 - 9:00H

Keynote Address

Improving the Health of the Country through Vaccination

by Teodoro Herbosa

Secretary, Department of Health

09:00 - 09:40H

Opening Plenary 1
Protect: To Leave No One Behind
The Global Health and Immunization Agenda 2030

Speaker: Kim Mulholland, Australia 

09:40 - 10:20H

Plenary Session 2

Protect:  Is the COVID-19 Pandemic Truly Behind Us? 

Updates on COVID Vaccines 

10:20 - 10:50H


Exhibit Area and Poster Hall Visit

10:50 - 12:10H

Symposium 1
Protect: Why am I Special?

Vaccination for the “Young Once” and Over-18 but with Many Ills 


Vaccines in Elderly

(Epidemiology of infectious diseases, the range of vaccines in the elderly and the importance of prevention)

Speaker: Leo Yee Sin, Singapore


Challenges and Opportunities in Vaccination in the Elderly

(Scheduling of vaccination and how to get the elderly and caregivers to accept and receive vaccines; vaccination in aged facilities and home)

Speaker: Shelley dela Vega, Philippines


Vaccination in the Elderly with Comorbidities

Speaker: Tan Maw Pin, Malaysia


Lunch Symposium

13:30 - 14:15H

Panel Discussion 1

Protect thy Warriors 

Panel discussion on indicated vaccines for healthcare workers (HCWs) 

Speakers: Mitzi Marie Chua, Philippines & Elfleda Hernandez, Philippines 

Chair: Ethel Daño, Philippines 

14:15 - 15:00H

Panel Discussion 2 

Connect-1:  Vaxx Protection Plus for Mum ‘n Kiddo and the Jetsetter  

Mommy Knows Best:  Maternal Immunization Updates 

Speakers: Hiro Moriuchu, Japan & Liona Poon, Hong Kong


Chair: Zulkifli Ismail, Malaysia



Exhibit Area and Poster Hall Visit

15:30 - 16:50H

Symposium 2  

Connect-2:  Vaxx Protection Plus for Mum ‘n Kiddo and the Jetsetter  

Wrestle for a Shot, Worth the Wriggle 

Challenges of Childhood Immunization in the Era of Pandemic 

Speaker: Naveen Thacker, India  


Child Immunization in Developing Countries   
Strategies to increase NIP Vaccine Inclusions in Developing Countries/ Vaccine for Life (about outreach and community) 

Speaker: Zulkifli Ismail, Malaysia 


Importance of increased Rotavirus Vaccine Update 

Speaker: Tony Nelson, Hongkong

Chair: Daniel Goh, Singapore

16:50 - 18:10H

Symposium 3  

Connect-3:  Vaxx Protection Plus for Mum ‘n Kiddo and the Jetsetter  

Travel Unraveled, Bug-Protected 

Scenario-based interactive discussion on what appropriate vaccines to administer for the traveler plus other Travel Med Updates 

 Speaker: Pornthep Chanthavanish, Thailand & Somia Iqtadar, Pakistan

Chair: Hasitha Tissera, WPRO 

18:10 -18:55H

Sunset industry sponsored symposium by MSD


Gala dinner

The Programme below is based on PH time (GMT +8:00)

Main Conference: 10 November 2023, Friday (Santa Maria 3)



08:30 - 9:15H

Meet the Expert


Novavax, from small biotech to the world stage. Development of a protein-based COVID-19 vaccine from Pandemic to Endemic use

Session Chair: Lulu Bravo, Philippines


Background to the Novavax development program during the pandemic and an update of current data

Speaker: Seth Toback, USA


Update on safety data and the Novavax pipeline

Speaker: Matthew Rousculp, USA


Discussion and Q&A

Lulu Bravo, Seth Toback, Matthew Rousculp

09:15 - 10:00H

Plenary Session 3 

Assure:  Sharing Successes and Catching Challenges 

Updates on Dengue Epidemiology and Control  

Speaker: Judith Wang, Singapore

10:00 - 10:45H

Plenary Session 4 

Assure:  Flu is not Forgotten 

Influenza epidemiology updates and new vaccine developments 

Speaker: Pham Quang Thai, Vietnam

10:45 - 11:00H


Exhibit Area and Poster Hall Visit

11:00 - 12:20H

Symposium 4  

Connect:  I get it; but not quite; say huh!?! When Communication is Key! 

Confused State of Mind:  Overcoming Vaccine Hesitancy 

Speaker: HT Wickramasinghe, Sri Lanka 


Handling Mixed Signals 

How to convey clear pro-vaccination messages 

Speaker: Iqbal Ahmad Memon, Pakistan


Impact of Covid 19 Vaccine Mandates

Speaker: Katie Attwell, Australia


Chair: Sri Rezeki Hadinegoro, Indonesia

12:20 - 14:05H

Lunch Symposium by Moderna

14:05 - 15:05H

Oral Presentation: Top 5 Papers

15:05 - 15:50H

Coffee/Tea Symposium 

Meet the Experts by GSK

15:50 - 16:35H

Plenary Session 5 

Thrive:  Equity in Protection  

Are Vaccines the Answer?  

Vaccine Safety and Diseases of the Most Impoverished

16:35 - 17:20H

Closing Plenary 6 

Thrive:  Ready to Renew the Vaxx P.A.C.T.?  

Boosting Vaccine Confidence 

Speaker: Lois Privor, USA

17:20 - 18:00H

Closing Ceremonies

Award for Best Paper/s

Industry Sponsor Appreciation

Closing Remarks

The Programme below is based on PH time (GMT +8:00)

PNIC: 11 November 2023, Saturday (Santa Maria 3)



08:00 - 08:15H


08:15 - 08:30H

Opening Ceremonies

Emcee: Jemilly Margaux Po-Rosell


Inter-faith invocation


Philippine national anthem


Welcome remarks

by Lulu C. Bravo


Opening remarks

by Jaime Bernadas, MD, DOH7 Reg Director 


Scientific Program Interview

Ground rules

by Mitzi Chua

Morning Session

Chair:  Bryan Lim

Co-chair: Ethel Daño

08:30 - 09:00H

Plenary 1

Have we conquered? The Philippine Immunization Status

Speaker: Usec. Enrique A. Tayag

09:00 - 09:30H

Plenary 2

We can conquer! Updates on Recommended Philippine Schedule of Immunization

Speakers: Marimel R.  Pagcatipunan (PIDSP), Faith Villanueva (PSMID)

09:30 - 10:15H

Industry-sponsored  Symposium by MSD

10:15 - 11:00H

Symposium 1 – Vector-borne VPDs

Japanese B and Dengue
Interactive discussion on vaccine indications and updates

Speaker: Maria Rosario Z. Capeding


Symposium 2 – Vehicle-borne VPDs
Typhoid and Rotavirus
Case-based discussion on appropriate vaccine use

Speaker: Grace Devota G. Go

11:00 - 11:45H

Symposium 3 – Respi-Partners in Crime
PCV and Flu

Speaker: Elizabeth E. Gallardo


Symposium 4 – Pandemic Blues

Speaker: Anna Ong-Lim

11:45 - 12:30H

Industry-sponsored Symposium by Sanofi

12:30 - 13:15H

Industry-sponsored Symposium

Afternoon Sessions

Chair: Chatie Olasiman

Co-chair: Belle Ranile

12:30 - 13:45H

Immunize and Conquer
Parallel Workshops I – III

Moderator/Emcee: Norren Matig-a


Workshop 1 – Population in Focus: The Elderly

Facilitator: Rontgene Solante and Shayne Morales


Workshop 2 – Population in Focus: School-aged Children and Adolescents

Facilitator: Cynthia A. Aguirre, Kim Basilla


Workshop 3 – Vaxx in the Workplace

Facilitator: Enrique A. Tayag, Larsen Omolon

13:45 - 14:15H

Group Output Discussion

14:15 - 15:00H

Industry-Sponsored Symposium by Pfizer

15:00 - 15:45H

Industry-Sponsored Symposium by Takeda

15:45 - 16:00H


Key Takeaways

PNIC Class of 2023 Photo-op

*Programme as of September 25, 2023. Subject to change.